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Inspiration Behind the Name & Logo

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Miss Rochelle Explains:

"I look to my CREATOR as the supreme Master Artist. His handiwork (the beautiful, colorful and curious details in nature) are the inspiration for my art. Also referred to as the Potter, His hand and breath sculpted us in His image (also with abilities to create) and He calls us His masterpieces."

"So as the CREATOR‘S apprentice, observing the abundant creations of my Master Artist, I make my own unique TOUCH on the world though my art, life and influence as a teacher. I pass on what I learn to my students, blossoming creators who each leave their own fingerprint through their gifting, creativity and unique masterpieces."

Our mission is to teach art with a customized approach to those who want to explore their love for creating, have special needs or are dealing with life challenges so they may gain skills, confidence, stress relief and other valuable benefits through the creative process.

Mission Statement

Meet Miss Rochelle

Balancing roles of Founder, Executive Director and Lead Instructor of all classes, Rochelle has a passion for art, love for children, and a desire to see her students discover their hidden talents. She has over 25 years of experience in art education, teaching and developing art programs. Rochelle has a fine arts degree from Azusa Pacific University, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude. She titled her senior year solo art show CREATOR'S touch, so this name goes back to 1997. Even with all the responsibilities of running a non-profit corporation, you'll still find Miss Rochelle in her favorite role, teaching her students!

Although many may believe art to be an innate skill, we believe that anyone who has the interest can learn to draw and create. It is true that some individuals obtain certain skills more naturally, but we have witnessed students who appeared to have little innate skill, rise to become great artists through quality instruction combined with continued practice and dedication. We also see the priceless value of the sense of achievement on students’ faces when they realize they created something they thought they would never have the skill to do.

Our Philosophy


on Wheels

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